Star has a unique ability to provide the highest quality concrete for our customers through our unique high-yield hydrating process delivered by our large, well-equipped fleet.

Quality Service

Our founder, Jerry Blatt, sums it up: ‘Our infrastructure keeps us ahead of our competition. We provide Class F Pozzolan as well as Slag to our concrete. The key is homogenization: Cement, sand, fly ash, slag, fine aggregate, any additives; totally homogenized.’

Instead of using a drum mixer (folding and dropping material) our process involves a high shear, twin shaft mixer. The result is that we get more of our cement agitating and hydrating than any other company in our area. 


Our primary goal of Star is responsibility to our customers and the environment:

Star’s truck backup cameras and automatic transmissions enables better control and safety; on-truck washout systems won’t leave a mess at the customer site

We are also growing our fleet with compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks.

Davis Colors

Our long relationship with Davis Colors has helped Star Concrete become the number one supplier of concrete color in the South Bay.

Please browse our Davis Color chart for our available color options. You can also download this color chart Here.

For pricing information please call our main office line.